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Leonor Saúde is a Research Group Leader at iMM Lisboa and an Invited Professor of Histology and Embryology at the Faculty of Medicine University of Lisbon.

L. Saúde graduated in 1992 in Biology by the University of Aveiro and completed a Masters degree in 1996 in Biotechnology by Instituto Superior Técnico. In 2001, L Saúde obtained her PhD degree in Developmental Biology by the University College London, UK, under the supervision of Dr. Derek Stemple at the MRC-NIMR, UK. After a Post-doc under the supervision of Prof. Isabel Palmeirim at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, L. Saúde established her own independent group in 2005 in the same institute and then in 2008 her group moved to iMM Lisboa.

L. Saúde completed successfully the supervision of 4 Masters students, 3 PhD students and 4 Post-docs. L Saúde published papers in high impact journals in her field, such as Nature Cell Biology, Developmental Cell and Development.. In 2005, her work was awarded the Pfizer Award for Basic Research. L. Saúde serves as reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals including Developmental Cell, Development, Developmental Biology and PloS Genetics. She has also served as a grant reviewer for ERC, MRC and AFMTÉLÉTHON.

L. Saúde is the vice-President of the Portuguese Society for Developmental Biology (http://www.spbd) and the co-Founder and vice-President of Associação Viver a Ciência (http://viveraciencia.org).