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Associação Salvador is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 by Salvador Mendes de Almeida (tetraplegic since the age of 16), that is dedicated to social integration and improving the quality of life of people with reduced mobility (especially those in wheelchairs).

Every year we support in Portugal, hundreds of people with physical disabilities from all over the country through direct aid, donating equipment such as computers and adapted software, house improvements, but also promoting their integration in the labor market, the practice of adapted sports (sailing, surf, cardiofitness, handcycling, yoga, dance and hippotherapy) and many other activities. We also promote awareness programs related to handicap integration.

We develop projects with the objective of increasing the active participation of disabled people in society in the following areas:

Knowledge: we invest in collecting, structuring and sharing information on rights, available supports, best practices, other useful information, creating and making available a manual to support people with disabilities. In 2015, we will organize for the first time a Summit on Spinal-Cord Injuries.

Integration: this is the area where we have a more direct contact with people with disabilities and in which the results are immediate, whether by giving support, promoting sports practice, supporting employment and entertainment events (important for the exchange of experience and improvement of self-esteem).

Awareness: Awareness in schools and in the general population, either to prevent accidents which cause so many cases of acquired deficiency, whether to form a new generation of people who respect the difference and promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities.